Business proposals

With the growing need for governments to meet legislated clean air targets and biomass fuel being the only fuel source which can deliver reliable power 24/7, the need for successful biomass pellet plants is exponentially growing. 

Biomass pelleting has often been regarded as a set of simple steps which are based on the feedmill industry. If biomass pelleting is so easy, why is there a growing shortage of biomass pellets, and numerous failed and dormant biomass plants across the globe?

The answer is simple; the pelleting of biomass is highly complex, and incorporates intricate design and operational equations and principles which are only understood by few. These few have come together and formed BPCINTERNATIONAL to offer services to those wanting:

  • to enter the biomass pellet sector and require a turnkey solution;
  • to acquire, reopen or upgrade existing plants which are currently in operation or which are dormant;
  • to sell their plant to prospective buyers and require the services of a broker;
  • feasibility studies (e.g. current owners, prospective buyers, investors).

Through decades of research, the experts at BPCINTERNATIONAL have developed an intricate recipe which is centered on the following key operational principles which are only fully understood by the experts at BPCINTERNATIONAL:

Security and source of raw material
Processing of raw material
Particle size
Logistic economics
Flow of material

Failure in the biomass pelleting industry has come about due to manufacturers and inspired manufacturers not understanding or trying to ‘short-cut’ one or more of these fundamental principles.