The Team

Technical skills and competencies of the Team

The Team has more than 30 years of experience with working with Pellet Plants throughout the world. The Team is able to offer:

  •  Knowhow to design and build a Pellet Plant suitable for varying world conditions.
  •  Knowhow to produce pellets using all types of raw material and in difficult and different environments.
  •  Logistic skills pertaining to raw material and end product distribution – source of material to end user.
  •  Good working relationship with all equipment suppliers and top European producers and markets.
  •  Good working relationship with Sustainable Fuel policy makers in United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

An established operational Blue Print for:

  • Pellet production facilities;
  • Operational staff to be trained and up-skilled to the highest competency in all types of pellet production.  

The BPCINTERNATIONAL Team features personnel from all required disciplines in order to ensure a complete turnkey solution. BPCINTERNATIONAL has hand-picked leading experts from around the world to ensure the service within all disciplines is compliant with international best practice.